Kiln in the Park: Hearth

Bideford Park June 25-2 July

Outreach Programme


 I have just been involved with 6 tilemaking workshops involving students and the public from the area .This was an excellent project for the following reasons. 

A] Clear aims:

 To quote "The main aim of the workshops is to produce 6x6 floor tiles decorated with the traditional North Devon techniques of slip and scraffitto.   North Devon Pottery is world famous for delightful illustrations depicting rural husbandry and organic decoration, and often quizzical rhymes or sayings for example 'a puzzle jug' with the inscription ' to drink and not to spill'.

B] Involvement of local school children in the following ways:

 Taking the children into a workshop enviroment [The old Bideford Art School is an excellent and under-used facility]

 Giving the children three new skills, tile-making, scraffitto, and slip trailing.These require not only manual dexterity but challenge their creative talents.

Clear limitations

C] Raising the awareness of the pottery heritage in the area

D] The kiln in the park as the place to fire the tiles.




Some 350 tiles taken from the Kiln


Personally I found this project very rewarding and exciting and I would like to see if there is any way it could be continued.


Kiln opening  9-7-2001



A fine jug by local potter Harry Juniper


The above examples show 6x6 floor tiles made by students and members of the public in the tile making workshops. They have been decorated with the traditional North Devon techniques of slip and scraffitto.