Mount Fuji

Drawing of Mount Fuji by my Grandfather Bernard Leach 

In 1992 our daughter, Emma, went to Japan with the Small School of Hartland. The circumstances that led to this are quite complex and I am not going to explain them all here. From the early 1990`s there has been a continual link between the village of Hartland and the Nagano prefecture in Japan. This extraordinary coincidence has led to us being able to go to Japan as well. Simon Piggott, a key player in all this sent me a postcard a little after Emma's return in which he wrote 'if at any time you would like to come to Japan, let me know.' With my strong family bond through Bernard Leach this offer was one which I had to say 'YES' to!

Matsumo Castle

 Simon Piggott & Philip at Matsumoto Castle

The accounts of our trips are described further down the page.

As well as our trips there continues to be other events taking place between our two countries such a storyteller another exchange of students and on the horizon a visit from a Japanese puppet opera with music composed by Colin Hodgetts.

For Frannie and myself there are no immediate plans but we both returned from Japan wishing that we could speak Japanese. We are now quite seriously learning the language under the expert tuition of Noriko Williams who is living in this area. Personally I would like to spend more time in Japan on my next trip. I would like to spend some more time exploring more of the places where my grandfather stayed and I would like to spend some time studying woodblock printing.


Moto-san, Sanshiro Ikeda, Philip & Simon. 1996

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