1980 Plough,Torrington

1981 Whittox Gallery, Bath

1982 Dallas Guild of Craft, Texas

1983 Portsmouth Town Hall

1985 St Clements Yard , Winchester

1988 Plough Arts Centre, Torrington

1989 Vincent Gallery, Exeter

1991 Vincent Gallery, Exeter

1992 Plough Arts Centre, Torrington

1992 Alresford Gallery, Winchester

1996 Seirando,Iida-Shi, Japan

1997 Plough Arts Centre, Torrington

1997 Chiswick, London

1998 Matsumoto, Japan

1999 The Walker Gallery, Arundel

2000 Chiswick, London

2000 Dorset Gallery

2001 Joanna Bird, Chiswick, London

2001 Charlbury Studios, Oxford  

2002 9 Days of Art, Devon

2002 Wessex Fine Arts, Dorset

2002 Joanna Bird, Chiswick, London

2003 Joanna Bird, Chiswick, London

2004 Any Tea, Vicar ? Beaford Arts

2004 Bovey Tracey

2005 Toyota, Japan

2005 Nagoya, Japan

2005 Bovey Tracey

2005 Harlequin, London

2005 Appledore Craft Company

2005 October. Hankyu Dept. Store, Osaka, Japan

2006 August. Mashiko, Japan

2006 October. Gallery St. Ives, Tokyo, Japan

2007 July. Takashimiya Dept. Store, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

2007 September. Long Room Gallery, Winchcombe, Glos.

2007 October. Tea bowl exhibition, Gallery St. Ives, Tokyo, Japan

2007 November. Joanna Bird, Chiswick, London

2008 Harvest of Jugs, Kiln in the Park

2009 Taena B L talk

2010 April Exhibition North Cornwall Gallery Camelford

2010 September Exhibition Corinium Museum Cirencester

2010 Tales on Tiles Kiln in the Park

2011 December Chawan exhibition Gallery St Ives Tokyo

2012 October Gallery St Ives Tokyo Japan

2013 June Imagine Gallery Long Melford Suffok

2013 July Burton Art Gallery Bideford Devon

2013 July Third Generation, Leach Pottery St Ives Cornwall

Regular Outlets

Waterside Gallery, 2 Marine Terr. Instow, Devon

Appledore Craft Company, Bude St. Appledore, Devon

Gallery St. Ives, Tokyo, Japan